Ehlanzeni District Municipality Executive Mayor 
Hon Cllr Jesta Sidell
Executive Mayor

Executive Mayor of Ehlanzeni District Municipality Cllr. J Sidellwas born in Mbombela at Kabokweni. She did her primary education at Victory Park Primary School. She then proceeded to Middleburg Combined School where she completed her secondary education.  


Her tertiary qualifications include among others a diploma in Advanced Municipal Governance from University of Johannesburg, a Project Management course from Wits University as well as an Executive Leadership programme from the University of Pretoria  She has extensive experience as an Administrator and Technocrat. She worked for the Department of Health and Social Development as well as the Department of Human Settlement as an Assistant Director and eventually Acting Director responsible for the Human Settlement  Ms Sidell is a seasoned politician with vast experience in serving the people. She served in a number of ANC structures as well as Union structures. She is currently the Regional Secretary of Ehlanzeni ANC Women’s League.  Her role in second term Local Government started in 2000 where she was elected as a PR Councillor both in Mbombela Local Municipality and Ehlanzeni District Municipality. Eventually she was elected as a speaker of Mbombela Local Municipality from 2011 - 2016.  Deservedly so she was then elected to the position of Executive Mayor of Ehlanzeni District Municipality




Ehlanzeni District Municipality is not immune to any form of abuse against women. So many women are abused daily in our four local municipalities. Some cases are reported and some are not. It’s important to note that violence does not hurt only the person who has experienced it. It hurts the whole community. We need to learn different ways to help end violence against women.    I suggest that we end violence against women by: • Calling the police if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence. • Support a friend or family member who may be in an abusive relationship. Learn more about how to help. • Volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter or other organization that helps survivors or works to prevent violence. • Raise children to respect others. Teach children to treat others as they would like to be treated. • Lead by example. Work to create a culture that rejects violence as a way to deal with problems.     • Speak up against messages that say violence or mistreating women is okay. • Tell your congressional representatives that you want them to support domestic violence services and violence prevention programs. • Volunteer in youth programs. Become a mentor. Get involved in programs that teach young people to solve problems without violence. Get involved with programs that teach teens about healthy relationships.  



During this women’s month and Ehlanzeni District Municipality will ensure that it continues to advocate for women’s empowerment in every sense. As a municipality we are committing ourselves to women’s empowerment and promoting gender equality in the workplace and

Office Of The Speaker Of Council
Ehlanzeni District Municipality Speaker Of Council 
Cllr R Khumalo

A Speaker of Council is the key player in all Ward Committees. It is the duty of the speaker to ensure that ward committees have the necessary resources. It is the responsibility of the Speaker to deploy PR Councillors and develop programs for Ward Committees. The Speaker must monitor progress on implementation of Ward Committee programs and Ward Councillors submit all proposed programmes to the speaker.


The Speaker ensures that the budget is allocated accordingly, managing all spending within the committees.
Establishment of ward committees


In terms of Section 12 of the Local Government Structures Act notices all Category B Municipalities in the Mpumalanga Province may establish Ward Committees by passing a Council resolution. The objective of a Ward Committee is to enhance participatory democracy in Local Government, by involving community members towards the enhancement of public participation. Therefore, a Ward Committee becomes an advisory body that must be impartial and perform its functions without fear or favor. 

A Ward Committee is a ward representative that has the authority to make recommendations on any matters affecting its ward through the Ward Councillor, the Executive Committee or the Executive Mayor and to the District Municipal Council. A ward committee must assist the ward councillor in identifying conditions, challenges and the needs of the residents. All queries and complaints from residents concerning service delivery must be delivered to the Ward Committee. The ward committee would then communicate it to the council and then provide feedback to the community. 

The overall responsibility of a Ward Committee is to serve as a mobilizing agent for community actions. This includes attending to all matters that affects and benefits the community. The policy states that a Ward Committee may conduct an annual satisfaction survey in order to assist the committee in the execution of its function. The survey should be conducted in the ward by the ward committee members with the support from the municipality. 

Office Of The Chief Whip Of Council
Ehlanzeni District Municipality Chief Whip Of Council 
Cllr T Shabangu

The Office of the Chief Whip resides within the Legislative arm of Council. The Chief Whip of Council is traditionally the Chief Whip of the majority party responsible for the smooth functioning of the majority party in council and serves as a representative of the Regional Secretary of the Majority Party.

Therefore the Chief Whip is responsible for the political alignment, relations and management in ensuring constructive and focus on issues aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Ehlanzeni District Municipality. The Chief Whip as the head of Caucus is responsible for the Whipery of the ANC (majority party) which supervises and manages the ANC Caucus as well as the efficient running and coordination of constituency work of councillors. The Chief Whip and Caucus leadership bear the leadership responsibility of motivating, advising and instilling discipline among all members of Caucus.

The role of the Chief Whip as per the delegated powers approved by council on the 26th of August 2011 states the following:

act as an interface between the Speaker, Executive Mayor and Mayoral Committee develop, political training programs for councillors ensure that Council provides democratic and accountable government to local communities. Ensure that relationships between political parties are constructive and focused on key issues, ensure the accountability of Councillors and the allocation of proportional representation of Councillors to wards, to improve their accountability to communities. Ensure proportional representation of other political parties in the various council committees; thus maintaining sound relations between the various political parties
intervene in conflict situations when required such as disputes between communities and specific Councillors assist Council in developing a culture of municipal governance that complements formal representative government with a system of participatory governance assist the Speaker in ensuring that Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Rules of Order of Council.

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